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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sustainable Fashion and its Future

As it was reported by Refinery 29 , a  live-panel discussion took place in  Vogue Headquarters at Condé Nast Auditorium to determine the course of Sustainable fashion future, and its place in  the industry.
Jasmin Malik Chua, the managing editor at Ecouterre,
Helena Helmersson, global head of sustainability at H&M
Catarina Midby, Head of fashion and sustainability communications at H&M
Scott Mackinlay Hahn from Loomstate,
Bruno Pieters, founder of Honest By
Julie Gilhart , fashion consultant 
Simon Collin ,dean at The New School for Design at Parsons
Brainstorming on some of  the ideas suggested making sustainable practices work like taxes — mandatory and government-regulated
Interactive customer-incentive programs, that  hopefully  would encourage consumers to bring old 
clothes back to the store for “points, reinforce the idea of utilizing only sustainable fabrics and production 
practices by fashion students, so that future designers are trained in sustainable clothing production. “People think a good price means a bad quality and also garment…we’ve started to measure this and have set internal goals in how to make customers more aware,” says Helmersson of H&M, a leader in Eco Fashion Industry. “We want to prove that it’s actually possible to make fashion more accessible and durable and make it...affordable.”

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Eco Friendly Clothing continues to be a focus for H&M

Eco Friendly  Clothing line by H&M:  
As reported  by  Fashion magazine , H&M has  launched   "Conscious Exclusive ". It includes a variety of partywear and accessories that promises to bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to the fast fashion chain by attracting eco conscious consumer  with affordable price tag. Just in time for prom and wedding season!
Like the rest of H&M’s Conscious Collection, the Conscious Exclusive line is made from sustainable material such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. According to H&M’s head of design Ann-Sofie Johansson, the inspiration behind the collection came from thinking about glamour and style in an environmentally conscious way. “For us at H&M, it’s natural to think about sustainability, and to have it at the heart of our work,” Johansson explained.
Clearly, they are doing just that. Standout pieces include a stunning floor length ombre gown, a bohemian off-white loose kimono, and a romantic white dress with an asymmetrical train and bird embroidery.
With so many beautiful pieces to choose from, this collection certainly does a lot to break the stereotype of sustainable fashion as being uncomfortable and unglamourous. Prices range from $19.95 – $399, making the collection an affordable way to invest in glam party attire for spring.