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Monday, April 8, 2013

President Obama signed “The Monsanto Protection Act."

Based on materials from Eastern Echo
  President Barack Obama inked his signature on a bill that sadly, in minds of millions of consumers, has a name of its own,
  “The Monsanto Protection Act.” It details a restriction of governmental intervention to halt the supply and production of genetically modified seeds and crops, even if studies conclude that they pose an environmental danger. Why dont we know about it? It is  so  important ? Why should we care that it was not highly publicized? Was is intentionally "covered up'" as many other  unpopular decisions ? My mind is spinning, as  I  am sure many of  the other  green activitists. What about  the general public? or it just us again, "The  Paranoid  green consumers. who  over react  to anything" and ready to "Occupy ...anything!"? 
Lets investigate, if  any of it should be a concern or the facts below are isolated incident and not a pattern.
 Grossing over $2 billion last year, Monsanto is one of the largest agricultural biotechnology corporations on the planet. Its contributions to our world include a wide array of pesticides, genetically modified soya and corn seeds and LEDs. Oh, and Agent Orange, the chemical used by the U.S. army to kill hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese during the ’60s. A mixed bag to be sure.

It may be the case that Monsanto has moved on from its enthusiasm for murder, joining the nouveau movement many, ironically, describe as “responsible capitalism.” But it is still far from being the altruistic provider its website portrays it to be, with an Argentinian scholarship here, a smiling African child there.
Last year alone, Monsanto took more than 100 American family farmers to court for infringement of patent laws, and in 2012 they spent $46 million on advertising efforts to dissuade Californian residents from voting “yes” on a piece of legislation that would force producers to openly label their GM products. In short, one of the largest food production corporations in the world has made it obvious that they would rather the public did not know what is going into their food.
 The provisions Obama signed into law last Thursday directly infringe upon states’ right to protect its people and ecosystem if the worst-case scenario becomes a reality. 
Yet, by the looks of things, Monsanto was the only third party to collude in the bill’s creation and, according to the Russian Times, contributed $64,250 to the 2012 election campaign of the bill’s author, Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. 
Perhaps it is not all that surprising to hear of a multinational corporation lobbying Washington to see its needs are met. Perhaps it is not all too strange to hear Blunt, once voted the “most crooked member of Congress,” took a little financial convincing. 
What would you say now?
 ...and one more thing I am wondering about: What kind of food does Mr.Obama family eat? I have  heard  there is an organic garden in the  White House that his wife is so proud about. Does that mean they are  trying to avoid  GMO in their food? Why? What is safe for a general public might not be that safe for his  own children? Strange. Oh, well, I might be just having a bad day..

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