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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sustainable Furniture 101!

Sustainable Furniture  has been built in a way ,which is deemed sustainable, and  environmentally friendly. Companies may independently determine that their products adhere to sustainability guidelines, or they may pursue certification through an organization which conducts audits and inspections to verify claims that products are sustainable.
The goal of sustainability is to create products for consumers which will meet their needs while having a minimal impact on the environment. In the case of sustainable furniture, this can include everything from the materials used to the way in which the furniture is manufactured. Many sustainable furniture manufacturers utilize only natural products, avoiding synthetics due to environmental concerns, and they place a heavy focus on renewable natural products, ranging from fast-growing bamboo to recycled wood products. They also tend to use products which have been certified as environmentally friendly by independent groups such as the Forest Stewardship Council.
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Eco Friendly Furniture is constructed in a factory which is designed to be environmentally friendly, including features like energy efficiency and measures to avoid waste. The factory may also have features such as a green roof which contributes to energy efficiency while providing a habit for plants and animals, and it may be located in an area which minimizes the need for shipping. Other shipping considerations can include reduced and recyclable packaging, the use of fleets of trains and trucks which run on alternative fuels, and so forth.
Sustainable Designs are intended to minimize waste while highlighting the natural beauty of the products used. Instead of using a chemical wood finish which seals the furniture in a pristine state, for example, the manufacturer might just oil the furniture, which will allow the finish of the furniture to change with age as it is used. Some companies also make contributions to environmental causes as part of their stated missions, allowing people to benefit the environment indirectly every time they make a purchase.

Sustainable Bedroom Set

Another feature of sustainable design is the promotion of a healthy workforce. Companies which pay workers well, provide benefits, and stay active in the communities where they operate are generally believed to be more sustainable than companies which do not help their workers, for example.
  To summarize, here are the main parameters  that make furniture sustainable:

Eco Friendly Materials:

Sustainable furniture is made of material that has certain characteristics. It is recycled or re purposed renewable, and uses safer materials.

Manufacturing Practices:

Using sustainable materials is only part of producing sustainable furniture. Responsible Manufacturing practices matter just as much.


Since transportation also uses energy, responsibility in transporting is also part of producing a sustainable product.
  • It can be efficiently transported and does not use excessive space and energy during transport.
  • Locally produced furniture using only locally-sourced materials has a reduced carbon footprint.


The piece of furniture should also be usable and durable.
  • Furniture that increases efficiency by providing greater utility for the user, such as multi functional furniture is always preferable.
  • Durability matters because well made furniture with a longer functional lifespan contributes to the health of the planet by not adding to the landfills.

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