Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Jim Maxey DDS 

Communities that are ending fluoridation should consider themselves very fortunate to be eliminating this very toxic arsenic laced industrial waste fluorosilicic acid chemical from their water supply. However, I know there will be a slew of dentists and other pro fluoride folks who will begin to rave on and on and on that tooth decay rates will now double or triple when fluoridation ends.   Rest assured that will never happen as these misinformed dentists aren't aware that there has never been even one controlled study that scientifically documents that water fluoridation has ever reduced or prevented tooth decay. Since water fluoridation has never been shown to reduce or prevent tooth decay…how can removing it from the drinking water cause tooth decay rates to increase?

The American Dental Associations (ADA) “classical” water fluoridation/tooth decay “studies” the ADA used back in the 1940’s and 50’s to justify their  endorsement of water fluoridation were nothing more than orchestrated and carefully scripted unscientific publications that were  intentionally sculptured to create the illusion that fluoride had something to do with reducing tooth decay rates.

H. Trendley Dean, DDS, was the chief dental officer at the US Public Health Service and who the ADA refers to as the “Father of water fluoridation.”  Dr. Dean was responsible for designing and creating those "classical" fluoridated water/tooth decay studies done by the UPSHS in the 1940’s and early 1950’s.  Dr. Dean, when cross-examined before the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California in Oroville, October 20-21, 1955 admitted, under oath, that those “studies” were not valid studies. None of those studies, nor any since then, followed the same children from year to year, the water sources were not consistent, and there was absolutely no consideration for nutrition, oral hygiene care or dental care. A valid scientific controlled study cannot have these numerous variables, especially variables that are not taken into consideration.  The ADA just forgot to teach dentists that Dr. Dean invalidated his own “classical” studies.

In addition the World Health Organization (WHO) has now determined that over the years tooth decay rates have gone down equally in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities. So where is the “benefit?”  It’s not there…and never has been.  You can find that WHO documentation at

 All that will happen when fluoride is no longer being ingested is positive things for general health. Folks will no longer have to experience any of those adverse health effects that are either caused by, or contributed to, as a result of ingesting this arsenic laced toxic industrial waste fluorosilicic acid chemical soup.

Besides being known to be a general protoplasmic poison and a strong cellular enzyme poison, fluorine is also known to be comparable to lead and arsenic as far as its ability to cause some symptoms of toxicity in minute doses.  It has already been documented by the ADA and the US Public Health Service that adverse health effects caused by or contributed to by fluoridation are many and includes dental fluorosis which is the first visible symptom of chronic fluoride poisoning and developmental disturbances in bones such as osteopetrosis and osteosclerosis. Also included in the list of adverse health effects that are caused by or contributed to by fluoridation is goiter and cancer as well as autism like symptoms found in animal studies that equate to humans.  

I suggest that this information be shared with any pro fluoride individual who attempts to convince you that tooth decay rates will rise if this toxic fluoride chemical is removed from your drinking water supply.

Ending water fluoridation will not cause any increase in tooth decay rates as water fluoridation has never reduced or prevented tooth decay in the first place. And remember:


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