Saturday, March 2, 2013

Green Coupon Program announces Green Coupon Program supported by 18,000 of Eco Friendly Businesses

Going green does not have to equal higher prices! Tens of thousands of green companies seek and compete for consumer's attention. That is where Green Coupon Program comes handy for both merchants and customers : Members only Coupons and Exclusive deals.With our offers for savings, even in times of belt-tightening recession, you can continue to afford to purchase healthy and environmentally friendly products.  No more driving from store to store, or endless browsing the internet to find savings. has collected offers all in one place to make eco-bargain shopping easy for you!
Our business members offer coupons and deals for a broad spectrum of sustainable, green and eco-friendly products ranging from organic, natural, and gluten-free bakery goods, to herbal supplements and aromatherapy oils, to green furnishings for your home. Major product categories include Organic Food, Beauty Supplies, Pet Products, Eco-Baby, Organic Lifestyle, Home and Garden, Holistic Health and many more.

All the deals featured in GreenPeople’s coupon program come from companies that have undergone GreenPeople’s Green Assessment process. We review each member business against stringent eco-criteria, reviewing ingredients, supply sources, organic or other certifications, and the effect the product or service has on the environment.  

Business displaying the GreenPeople Seal of Approval:

  • Promote positive lifestyles that are greener, healthier and more eco friendly through the products and services they offer,
  • Promote environmental sustainability through not only their products and services, but in their day to day operations, by
  • Source, manufacture and market products and run operations in an environmentally sustainable fashion, and
  • Takes workers, customers, and communities, as well as the environment into account when making decisions.

That's how you know that a coupon offer from GreenPeople is truly green. You can purchase products or services with confidence that they are truly green, holistic, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

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